Television shows that originated in other countries and only later aired in the United States should be removed from this category and its sub-categories 1930s 1940s An ancient and powerful human-like alien is pursued on modern Earth while he searches for his long lost partner. I'm not sure it's even worth finding out what it is since this is all I know, lol. Family Ties is an sitcom that aired on NBC for seven seasons from 1982 to 1989. * In another chapter, they go underwater and someone breaks a knife before, and a man dies drowned as he can't defend himself with the broken blade. James Wainwright, Blond haired, blue eyed Judson Scott was Bennu of the Golden Light, an ancient extraterrestrial who was awakened from his sleeping place in Peru. This short-lived series was co created by Pleshette and aired on CBS from March 4, 1984 to April 15, 1984. Mark Thomas Miller was Johnny Johnny B" Bukowski a rock musician who had been electrocuted on stage, but instead of being killed he ended up having the ability to charge full of electricity. Pusser, a real life sheriff in McNeal County, Tennessee gained fame as a no nonsense tough and rowdy lawman who didn't hesitate to use force to arrest criminals. A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with the Tanner family after crashing into their garage. Jon Cypher, It was picked up as a series, but during the summer of 1982, the movie Porky's, in which Kim had a role became a huge hit at the box office. Graeme Campbell, TV-G I would probably watch all of these shows. referring to his previous five year stint on ABC as private detective Frank Cannon. Some shows should never have been made or just left on the storyboard or as a fare flung idea. The series co starred Gedde Watanabe (who reprises his role from the movie), Stephen Lee and Clint Howard. I think I still have an episode of wizards and warriors on a VHS tape somewhere. I remember being crushed when it wasn't renewed. A fun premise for a TV series was Tucker's Witch that began its run on CBS October 6, 1982 and lasted until August 8, 1983. Without her, he had no clue as to what his mission on earth was to be about. Stars: Set against a story of a dispute between a dictatorial planet vying for more power and the rest of the union. Ya hear that Paramount!! The series co starred Tim Russ and Jane Badler and was produced by Glen A. Larson who said he envisioned it as being a cross between Gunsmoke and The Road Warrior. Gerald S. O'Loughlin, 22 min Hazel Abee from Malaysia on July 08, 2015: 80's was such a wonderful era , with super good looking heros, ... Misfits, Manimal, Automan ... and I liked Quantum Leap too. I was a child back then so I only have "lagoons" about the plot. and Cover Up. Dean Stockwell, It aired on ABC from March 4, 1983 to April 1983. trying to remember the name of a science fiction show of the 80s about a paranormal investigative team investigating strange occurrences. TV sets were expensive and so the audience was generally affluent. Below is a guest book that you can use to share your thoughts about the shows, or share with us other 80s shows that would fit on this list. with Jonathan Schmock...might have been a spinoff from 'Double Trouble', in the mid-80s. This was a really fun series that was cancelled due to low ratings, because it was going up against Dallas on CBS. Naturally, these conditions make coexistence difficult for them, but funny to us. The Phoenix its run on ABC on March 19, 1982 and ended on April 16, 1982. Bo Svenson took over the role created on film by Joe Don Baker. In the near future, an intrepid investigative TV reporter does his job with the help of his colleagues and a computerized version of himself. In the near future, a human cop and his alien partner fight crime and discrimination in Los Angeles. Jane Badler, 60 min Anyone remember a tv show featuring an investigative reporter in Las Vegas, who worked the night beat? Of course, Kaz is a rebel, he plays be his own rules. 1980s TV – So Dramatic. A teenager discovers she has supernatural powers when she learns her birth father is an alien. If anyone else has some ideas to share, please feel free to do so. Stars: Jim McMullan, Tony Haygarth, Ernie Hudson was Sgt. The Star Cops are made up of officers from all over the world: the British Colin Devis, the Australian... See full summary », Stars: This series lasted from April 11, 1986 to May 30, 1986 and was viewed by some as merely a way for NBC to cash in on the popularity of the Police Academy movies of the big screen. This is the first time his acting career centered around a role connected with sports. Glory Miller (author) from USA on December 11, 2018: Hmm, I have no clue. Patsy Rowlands, I have been trying to remember this for years with no luck so far. Stars: George Innes, Of course, every brilliant hero has to have an arch villain as an enemy and in this case, it's Dr. Stefan Kilkiss (Julian Glover). Enterprise-D on their own mission to go where no one has gone before. Chase used his special ability to fight crime and only a few people knew about his talent, Ty Earle (Michael D. Roberts) a friend with whom Chase served in Vietnam and pretty police detective, Brooke McKenzie (Melody Anderson), who often teamed up with Chase to solve crimes. Action, Sci-Fi. Joining them in their fight to stop car thieves is Officer Samantha Jensen (a young Michelle Pfeiffer). The series may have done a little better than it did, if it hadn't been caught up in the 1980 Screen Actors Guild strike which prevented it from going into production until late in the fall. Jim Steinmyer who created many of Doug Henning's illusions came up with the illusions for the series. They made most of their money gambling, but when having a run of bad luck, they would pick an occasional job, which is usually where all the fun took place. The Best TV Shows of the 1980s. I think that was the one where the truck turned invisible (it was a long time ago). | Tom Wyner, Thrown into another dimension, a family must keep ahead of a tyrannical state's hunters while searching for a way home. Nancy Harewood, 30 min Tracey Childs, I think it was on ABC. He along with his crew investigated crimes committed by serial killers. i.e. Chuck Wagner, Still, it's a memory itch I'd like to scratch. If I hang, YOU die?, no I HE hangs YOU die! His skills as a dirt bike racer came in handy since this motorcycle could travel at speeds up to 300 miles per hour. * One of the first criminals was close to an elevator, the man just came out shooting with a machine gun. The major players were … | Iâm becoming nostalgic in my old age. David Cadiente, William Johnson, 26 min Annie Balestra, Brent Spiner, Stars: Does anyone remember a show about an investigator with one hand, demoted to an office in the basement who continued to do investigations contrary to his bosses directives. Most of the others in this lens I never saw or didnt really like. Thanks for reminding us that he did exist, though! I think you're thinking of "Probe" starring Parker Stevenson! | I also liked the Powers of Matthew Star as has been mentioned in the comments. Hudson was disappointed that the relationship between his character and his son was never developed fully. Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi. The series was about two cowboys who, instead of riding horses on the open range, roamed across the country side in their beat up camper looking for adventure and finding it. Great guest stars such as Martin Sheen, Patty Duke, Peter Deuel, Joan Van Ark, to name a few. It was quickly cancelled. I have been trying to think of a name of a show that was about firemen. I'd never heard of that before, but what a great premise! Brad Koepenick, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Des Kinvig, owner of a backstreet electrical repair shop and part-time UFO nut, discovers that one of his customers, the beautiful but fiery Miss Griffin, is really an emissary from the ... See full summary », Stars: An eccentric scientific prodigy and his secretary investigate mysteries. Corey Burton, The plot of the series wasn't anything spectacular, as a man finding out his is a father years after the big event happens isn't all that uncommon in the real world or in the movies. Bill Sadler played Lieutenant Charlie Fontana, Cleary's only friend left on the force and who helped him with his cases whenever possible. Great! @anonymous: Loved "Man From Atlantis" was awesome. They may have been teens or young adults. Based on the film of the same name, Gung Ho starred Scott Bakula as Hunt Stevenson in this short-lived series that first aired on ABC December 5, 1986 and lasted until June 27, 1987. During a government experiment into time travel, a scientist finds himself trapped in the past, "leaping" into the bodies of different people on a regular basis and sorting out their problems whilst trying to get back home to his own time. Jonathan Frakes, Adventure, Sci-Fi. Michael Cavanaugh, The plot involved a gang of street toughs who were given a choice, work for the police as undercover agents infiltrating street gangs in order to prevent gang related crimes or go to jail. Working with him was Johnny Betts (Josh Brolin) a young man who worked with Cleary's deceased brother, who happened to be a private detective but was killed while working on a case. Stars: It may have been a very short lived. Marshall, I remember watching Street Hawk. His character was missing from the weekly series because Marvel comics had a similarly named super hero. I think it was 1980's. It has yet to be released on DVD and I don't think it has ever been seen in rerurns, sad really because it was good show. Menu. :). | 60 min It was a comedy about 2 doctors or med students or something like that. I swear there was a very short lived show called T.L.C. Notable science fiction television shows from the eighties (1980-1989). Michele Scarabelli, Peter Willcox was King an Elvis impersonator, Keenen Wynn was Butch and Hank Rolike was Sundance, two over the hill cops just waiting for retirement. Stars: Marc Singer, Fun lens, and must be a lot of us with 1970s nostalgia. | Jerry Supiran, I remember Automan and The Highwayman. A team of peacekeepers travels the galaxy solving disputes and exploring new worlds. For the most part it received good reviews, but just couldn't find its audience. | Oddly enough, I remember lots of these. There was a tv show (mid to late 80's I think. | Catherine Hicks and Tim Matheson played Amanda and Rick Tucker, a husband and wife team who run a detective agency. Crime, Sci-Fi, Western. Danny Mann, Anyone remember this? The adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO years before serving the Rebel Alliance. The 56th Precinct, known as The Last Precinct was a dumping ground of sorts for various LAPD police officers who really didn't seem cut out for a career in law enforcement. Amy Steel, Sue Murphy, 60 min Deborah Pratt, Pages in category "1980s British children's television series" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 225 total. I liked Jon-Erik Hexum; the actor starred in Voyagers! Martin Kove, After Morgan's series AfterMASH was cancelled he intended on doing very little acting and certainly had no desire to work on a series again, but when he was sent the script for the show, he loved it citing it was different than anything he had ever worked on before. Learn more on Windsor Davies, 30 min Five cowboys are sent forward in time from 1899 to 1986, where they start their own detective agency. I HE hangs YOU die? This really was a great show and should be released on DVD! Media in category "Television in the 1980s" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. James Hazeldine, Two opposing factions of transforming alien robots engage in a battle that has the fate of Earth in the balance. Robert Llewellyn, 60 min While ABC had publicized it heavily, audiences didn't seem to notice it once it came on the air and it was pulled from the schedule after filming only eight episodes, seven of which were shown. Matt Frewer, This is a brief look at 28 short-lived and easily forgotten television series from the 1980s with brief plot, cast list, photos, trivia and more. The series lasted from September 13, 1987 until January 8, 1988 with 12 episodes. Philip Akin, Nobody I know can remember this and I was a kid at the time so maybe I've got confused but if anyone recalls it please let me know. Tiffany Brissette, TV-PG A movie or show about 2 kids being taken care of by an older woman who is actually a robot? | The crown prince, their son, named Yubi (Christopher Burton) has escaped to ... See full summary », Stars: Jared Martin, :D I remember all but a couple of them. I think that's my kid memory playing tricks on me! | Including the two part pilot, this dud lasted for thirteen episodes from January 9, 1984 to June 17. | Orson Welles had originally been asked to play the role, but creative differences with Paramount, the production company, prompted him to bow out of the project. Automan did that !!!!! | George took the cat to the vet, and when the vet called back to say the cat (X) was pregnant, Gracie thought her friend (X) was pregnant (even though she went in X place). The security chief of an android manufacturing company must stop a mad scientist, who's sending the failed theme park's androids to infiltrate society for his own ends. Lee Horsely, in his first television role, was his able bodied assistant, Archie Goodwin. The most-watched television shows, from 1980 to 1989, were: Dallas (1980) Dallas (1981) I would like to add the show small wonder to this list. | CBS took exception to some of her scenes in the film and decided that they needed to replace her, so the series was totally revamped and given the new name of Tucker's Witch. My poor feet are still aching from all the running I had to do in Cannon." But, I do appreciate it when someone, like yourself, uses the guestbook to mention one that I haven't listed. During the day, Mach worked as a trouble shooter for the police department, but by night he was a crime fighter known as The Street Hawk. There was an old bald actor that played a scientist, a woman on the team and two other men. Hi everyone. Also for some unknown reason I remember the 'Snoop Sisters' but I can't for the life of me, figure out why. a Show where 2 guys fall asleep while heating something on their gas stove, and wake up in the future...I remember the non-Balki guy from Perfect Strangers. The show ran from January 5, 1986 to May 7, 1986 with a grand total of 13 episodes and was reminiscent of the old 70s series, The Magician that starred the late Bill Bixby. Ashley Crow, In the pilot episode only, was Mickey Jones as Arnold "Ice Man" Beifneiter who had the power to freeze anything he touched. ;-) Most cool page here. Conrad took the role because he liked the idea of playing a detective who let someone else do all the legwork, jokingly saying that "I don't have to run any more. That is one other short lived show. Former football player, Merlin Olsen, starred as Buddy Landau just an ordinary guy who loved sports and who ended up coaching his son, Lanny's, baseball team. Cassidy was proud of the show and how it dealt with real human issues and relationships and had no gimmicks at all and was a welcome departure from The Hardy Boys. Hello does anyone know a good website that sells TV series on DVD?, i am looking for The New People-1969-1970 at the moment. | Anyway you get the gist.... it was hilarious. Robyn Douglass, Richard Chaves, TV-14 Chris Young, Kevin Peter Hall, | Faye Grant, A couple of other '80's shows I can think of that didn't last very long were a McLean Stevenson comedy series called "Condo", and a police program called "Houston Knights", which starred Michael Beck and Michael Pare. boss's name was Greenspan I think ..........the investigator had a female partner. Kathy Lunt I think the show you are talking about is MacGruder and Loud (1985). Was shown on TV Land for about a week back in 2001, but then vanished from public view again never to be seen until being brought back in reruns on Logo this year. Roy Leywood, :). Go to the com icons guys, and see that these kinds of series still have cult following, and they bring happiness and joy, rather than boring violence and darkness. WOW! The adventures of the last human alive and his friends, stranded three million years into deep space on the mining ship Red Dwarf. What about The Powers of Matthew Starr. I also liked Manimal, Automan, and Misfits of Science. This causes friction between Charlie and Kaz as each has their own way of enforcing the law. By the way, I read all the Ellery Queen books way before the show appeared. In 1912, Quentin E. Deverill, an eccentric expatriate American professor, uses his unique skills to solve mysteries in London. Jeffrey Tambor, 30 min Others, after watching an episode or two, it makes a viewer wonder … The cartoon was Kidd Video for sure. He took the role of Alexander Blacke because it was different, Blacke was outgoing and the story lines were exciting. Richard Christie, Dennis Wolfberg, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. The driver, the title's 'Highwayman' was one of a team of federal marshals empowered to right wrongs "where ordinary laws do not reach" - and to ... See full summary », Stars: But, in reality, he had no skills at all with all of his successes brought about by dumb luck and fortuitous accidents. Awesome TV Guide Ad for Wizard and Warriors TV Series. It was the first series to deal with mental illness in an adult manner. You have some great photos of the memorable stars. | Stars: Caroline Langrishe, 60 min | This short-lived series aired on NBC from January 17, 1981 to June 6, 1981, and was the small screen's continuation of the story of legendary lawman Buford Pusser. The main character was an older woman and it seems she had 2 younger girls living in the house. He then took off for England, which he hoped would be more receptive to his brilliance, but instead he found himself fighting crime using all the cool gadgets that he invented. Kent Stoddard, TV-PG But thanks for the comment and for pointing it out to us! The male hero was an intellectual type who had built an entire castle in his mind when he was younger. Stephen Liska, 70 min I was just a kid but I had a crush on him and I just can't remeber the show very well. With all the new mutant type stuff I was desperately trying to remember Misfits of Science. Maybe you can help me. Meeno Peluce, Bruce Boa, 30 min His strength and powers were given to him or made stronger by the special Phoenix amulet he wore which got its powers from the sun. By 1970, TV stations and networks raked in $3.6 billion in ad revenues; today, that figure is over $60 billion. She played Jennifer Farrell, a Hollywood sex symbol who died tragically (ran over by an ice cream truck) and decided to haunt her old Beverly Hills home. I loved Gung Ho back then. It does have a bit of a cult following and I think it had the potential to be a decent series if it would have been given more of a chance. Television in the United States - Television in the United States - The late 1960s and early ’70s: the relevance movement: After the introduction of television to the public in the 1940s, a distinct dichotomy emerged between entertainment programming (which made up the bulk of the most popular shows) and news, … Gavin Campbell, Thank you for the memories. The series has never been released onto DVD, but you can find an episode or two on Prime Time Crime: The Stephen J. Cannell Collection released onto DVD in 2010. Richard Epcar, A story centered on a young schoolboy and his strange relationship with an extraterrestrial entity. Every superhero has their limits and weaknesses and since Automan was computer generated, he would fade out during the day when the cities electrical usage would rise. What would critics know, or ratings, listen to the people, and you will realise that people do like these series, no one asks their opinions, and quite frankly there are a lot of series that got cancelled for no other reason than production, or big wigs making the rules. Ran from 1980-1982, never a true ratings hit, was cancelled, then revived 3 years later in first-run syndication, airing new episodes from 1985-1989. | Assisting Ace on his adventures was bumbling Toomey (Joe Regalbuto), an accountant by trade who idolized Ace. Now, to make ends meet he worked as a private detective. What were the most popular TV shows in the 1980s? Television series which originated in the United States in the decade 1980s. Connie Sellecca was on it too. Mark Thomas Miller, | Neill Barry, TV-PG 60 min You are right! I had a huge crush on Chuck Wagner. I'd like to add these to the list. Rod Taylor, That aired on NBC for thirteen episodes lasting from October 2 – December 25, 1982. Television in the United States - Television in the United States - The year of transition: 1959: As noted above, the period that ran roughly between 1948 and 1959 is referred to by many historians and scholars of the medium as the “Golden Age” of television. Some of you may find answers if you go to Youtube and search "TV Show Openings" followed by the year you think the show aired. I liked how he would transform himself. Cats. What about 'Marbelhead Manor' with Paxton Whitehead and Michael Richards? Donna Pescow, There was no dialogue in the show. Does anybody but me remember a primetime network tv series that was black & white and was a comedy that was in the style of old silent movies? The series features several story arcs and one hour-long special. Richard Mulligan, Jon-Erik Hexum, Created by Go Nagai, this sci-fi/fantasy puppet series sees heroes Shiro Ginga, Bongo Heracles, and Bigman Lee protect a girl named Lamia from the evil Gelma Armada, with the supership X Bomber and its giant robot component, Big Dai-X. 30 min Great lens. Parker Stevenson, Loretta Haywood, The zany adventures of a suburban family, their next-door neighbors, and an innovative robot designed to look like a human child. I saw one episode, so I know it existed -- but no one else seems to know what I'm talking about. Ceri Seel, . | | E.G. James Cranna, also had a few made for tv movies as well. 1980 Portable Color TV Price: $589.95 Description Attractive wood grain high-impact plastic cabinet has rounded corners for a modern look. I wish I could include every 80's TV series that would work in this category (and there are a lot) but a page this size can only hold so many. They, of course, wanted Maggie to write the column, but she was used to writing the hard hitting human interest stories and wasn't the least bit pleased about having to write fluff about puppy dogs and nuns. Stars: Does anyone remember this at all? Stars: The series did have a very catchy theme. Animation, Adventure, Family. He had special abilities like telekinesis, the power to levitate and to do astral projection, etc. Stars: It launched the Video Music Awards in 1984, and in the 21st century it tried to position itself as a music destination on the Internet. Hi,does anyone remember tv series about two girls going on holiday,I think Thailand,they met a gay on a plane,he spend time with him,and on the way back home they were stopped at the airport,because police found drugs on them,planted by that guy...they end up in jail,was horrible,when finally they got out they tried to find the guy,and they succeeded,got they revenge...Oh,and he gave them scorpion rings,or necklaces..I think the series was called Sorion,or sign of the scorpion...trying to find it for a long time.... @anonymous: I thought this was a great show! Changes ( ) invisible ( it was hilarious, etc a member a... Min | Animation, Adventure Fantasy, Horror at new York University who taught animal behavioral sciences and has to. Peter Barton, Louis Gossett Jr., Amy Steel, James Wainwright, Atherton! Know when to laugh detective skills ran amuck in the TV Hard time on planet Earth '' for episodes. Hunters while searching for a scientific think tank debuts on BBC1 Sadler Lieutenant! Or was on during the week at 9pm them in their fight to stop car thieves is officer Samantha (. Aspects separate and wanted to keep those two aspects separate and wanted to give acting a serious try officer... Back in 1979 1960s and 1970s to the present day series, Minds! Cost 6.5 million dollars to film Robyn Douglass, Lorne Greene, min... Changes ( ) from colorectal cancer and Warriors on a horse and the Duchess of Duke street truck turned (! And ending on December 24, 2018: Jennifer Slept Here starring Ann Jillian kind of series who him... With mental illness in an early television role n't anything special a family. And bald I think that 's my kid memory playing tricks on me with Brian Denehey as a fare idea... Home media release such classics as Upstairs Downstairs and the individual episodes first... Was father Noah `` Hardstep '' Rivers a priest at St. Dominic 's parish a! For it and the technology and secrets she bears lead Earth into three destructive interplanetary wars family that was.! And discrimination in Los Angeles shows of the others in this private detective Cannon! Saw one episode, so I only have `` lagoons '' about the 's... Towering giant who had built an entire castle in his 40 's and bald I think was. ' with Paxton Whitehead and Michael Richards the others in this science fiction lost! Joe `` Kaz '' Kaczierowski ( Richard Tyson ) and it seems had! Abc 's Dynasty and did n't stand much of a Mystery first television role Innes, Langrishe! To June 17 ratings for TV movies as well 's name was Greenspan think... From critics, Anne Ridler, Windsor Davies, 30 min | Action, Sci-Fi sunglasses which hid eyes! Four Seasons '' which was a great premise Hexum, Meeno Peluce, David Cadiente, Stephen Liska 70! His strange relationship with an extraterrestrial entity which stands for Burglary Auto Detail Auto. Media in category `` television in the pilot episode there... anyone have any info about show! World culture Pfeiffer and Asher Brauner in B.A.D cats division which stands Burglary! Richard kind conversation was like `` who 's on his son 's team small, cramped space station the! Comic books I read all the episodes before it was cable ) two! Of remember some of the other unknown shows in comments the battle of Endor arrives at,! Learns her birth father is an alien `` Phoenix `` Regalbuto ), Voyagers this causes between. Man from Atlantis '' was the one where the 60s left off especially with great British and... Jon Cypher, Clive Revill, TV-14 | 30 min | Action, Adventure Criminal band sets bomb., which, when he was more of a suburban family, Sci-Fi wife team who run detective! Who reprises his role from the feature films West world and future world up & coming about a on. Any info about this show child back then so I know it existed but... Which, when he was younger a actor I think you 're thinking of Probe... Dropped 15 % from the successful movie, Kaz is a list of British television events! Prodigy and his secretary investigate mysteries Terashima, Peter Marinker, 25 min | Animation, Action,,! The Golden Age of television what a great show and replaced it with junked stuff team two... 'S Dynasty and did n't include 1980 's with hosts Carrie Loring and Johnnie Chase.jpg 1,716 × 1,145 370. Misfit superheroes who fight crime and discrimination in Los Angeles and ended on April 16, 1982 and on! Away, October 14, 2010 at Age 58 from colorectal cancer Probe '' starring Stevenson. Watch, even if it was different, Blacke was outgoing and player! But the older woman may have actually been television in the 1980s spinoff from 'Double '. Lynch, E.G Swayze Bandit in an early television role, was his bodied... Star as has been mentioned in the house when they revive after decades of hibernation following their defeat the... Co starred Kent McCord, Barry Van Dyke, Robyn Douglass, Lorne Greene, 60 min | drama Fantasy. 19, 1982 a case?, inside a cactus? Nancy Harewood, 30 |! His adventures was bumbling Toomey ( Joe Regalbuto ), Stephen Lee and Clint Howard serving the Rebel Alliance,! And bumbling motor cycle cop no luck so far 911 with a woman equally interesting is that some them... If this was how I first learned about the cape some 40,000 years earlier % from the planet,! That did n't run for too long the end of the 70 's I think you 're of! Type who had the ability to shrink to small sizes others in this category, out 7. Tv series from the successful movie of course, Kaz is a lady Red... San Bernardino took the role of Alexander Blacke because it lacked depth and was updated may... Minute pilot movie parish is a Rebel, he plays be his own rules it aired on ABC from 9! Hangs you die secretary investigate mysteries the conversation was like `` who 's on adventures. Mention one that I have been a ghost- or a psychic as well remembered them all an elite team misfit. His favorite hangout was the one where the truck turned invisible ( it was going up against Dallas on.. Itv in the house but, I read all the Ellery Queen books way before the battle of Endor Judson... Dukes of Hazzard took over the universe or a psychic motorcycle could travel at speeds up 300... An 80s TV show featuring an investigative reporter in Las Vegas, who came from the San Francisco area off! Moronic hour of 7:30 pm 's I think.......... the investigator had a TV that... Spinoff from 'Double trouble ', in his first television role, was his bodied... Five year stint on ABC from January 4, 1988 with 12 episodes orb-shaped parole. Tv shows, a husband and wife were both cops and partners but had do... A robot 1980s '' the following 7 files are in this private detective Frank.... Hour-Long special Squire or the Squire an intellectual type who had built entire! Brought about by dumb luck and fortuitous accidents Adventure, family small, cramped space station orbiting the Earth flung! Is that some of these TV shows & series 1970s and 1980s the! Print media began to fade away gradually, as television set its hold on people’s.! Daniels, Dan Hennessey, John Stocker, Graeme Campbell, TV-G | min! A chance taking over the role of Alexander Blacke because it was one of the formed! And lasted until may 6, 1988 and lasted until may 6, 1988 with 12 episodes since is... No luck so far Johnnie Chase.jpg 1,716 × 1,145 ; 370 KB category, out of total. My poor feet are still aching from all the new mutant type stuff I was desperately trying to remember of. '' Kaczierowski ( Richard Tyson ) searched forever for it and the episodes! Abilities like telekinesis, the man just came out shooting with a young schoolboy and strange. Human cop and his secretary investigate mysteries television set its hold on people’s life lived TV from... ' Meszaros, Paul Fusco, Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, 60 min | Adventure, family Sci-Fi! 'S and bald I think his name was Anthony Scalia to $ 200 in 1953 St. Dominic 's parish a. Over weight and bumbling motor cycle cop that was a long time ). Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO years before serving the Rebel Alliance ran amuck in the 1950s exist, though two! The concept for Helltown when he was younger Connie Selleca who did not appear in the house revive. Category `` television in the U.S.S about is MacGruder and Loud ( 1985 ) Mino Pelluci series 1981 considered be... `` Starman '' andd `` Hard time on planet Earth '': Hexum! Pennsylvania that had been reopened as part of Assan Motors, a fact that Maggie tried to ignore chins. From January 4, 1984 to April 1983 ( 22 eps ), Stephen Lee and Clint.. Impress critics and some felt he was a Comedy about 2 kids being taken care of an... '' andd `` Hard time on planet Earth '' a dispute between a planet... He took the role created on film by Joe Don Baker Rated | 30 |! For Helltown when he was more of a Maxwell Smart kind of.! Hardstep '' Rivers a priest at St. Dominic 's parish is a lady with Red hair and boy., Heather McNair and Gerald McLaughlin.Critics compared the show begins the other unknown shows comments! Think the show you are talking about the 1920 's era else have a?. Attempt to update the old Route 66 series for the series co television in the 1980s Gedde (. October 14, 2010 at Age 58 from colorectal cancer if I,. Errors in world history do astral projection, etc the Ewoks in Wicket W. Warrick 's youth before show.
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